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Sherrie Lynn Arnold

March 13, 1957 — August 29, 2021

Sherrie Cleverley Arnold passed away on August 29th, 2021 after a long and courageous battle against cancer. Even until the very end she was serving others and taking care of her beloved family. Sherrie is survived by eternal companion and husband William Arnold, her four sons, Richard, Michael, Stephen and Jeffrey Arnold, her brother Bruce Cleverley and his wife Carolyn. Sherrie was preceded in death by her parents Marjorie and Albert Cleverley, daughter Catherine and son Jeremy. We know that she is enjoying her sweet reunion with them.

Words from Sherrie’s brother, Bruce Cleverley:

Sherrie Cleverly Arnold was born March 13th 1957 to Albert and Marjorie Cleverley in Blackfoot Idaho. For the first couple of years the family lived in Blackfoot Idaho and then in 1959 they moved to Idaho Falls. In September of 1961 they moved to Ammon Idaho where the family lived for many years and the kids grew up in Ammon Idaho. At a young age Sherrie developed a caring and nurturing disposition towards others. Throughout her life is continued as the young child barely three years old this is to be Bruce's salvation. Bruce was asleep in the crib and Sherrie was playing quietly in the same room. Her mom and dad were in the other room Bruce began to choke and quickly began to turn blue from lack of oxygen. Sherrie heard and saw what was going on and ran into the other room and got her Mom and Dad yelling “My Brucey blue my Brucey blue.” Mom and Dad ran in and found Bruce nearly gone and revived him and all was well because a loving sister who cared about her Brucie.
In the Curlew house as she grew up she was involved in many things she was in 4-H with Bruce and had pet rabbits. She helped the other kids do their projects as well and I remember her helping me write in our 4-H books so we would have our assignments done when the next meeting from 4-H. Sherrie was next into Girl Scouts until about the age of 12 years of age and got to do so many neat and cool things in Girl Scouts. Sherrie had so much fun telling Mom and Dad what she was doing. I wanted to be a girl scout too, but my dad had to explain to me why I couldn't. I was still jealous she excelled in Girl Scouts and young woman's and I saw her getting all sorts of ribbons and awards. I was in awe of my sister as a child. Sherrie and Bruce were often sick with illnesses such as pneumonia or flus. At one point they were both in the same hospital together in the same room. Sherrie said we could take turns picking the TV shows so that we would each get our own show to watch. Lassie was my favorite but Sherrie liked Flipper. Once when I was very sick as a young child and had a very high fever I was sick for Easter and was inconsolable. Sherrie knew that I was sad for not being able to get my Easter basket and decided to have Mom and Dad bring up my basket so she could give me the little gray truck that was in my Easter basket. This was typical of Sherrie, she was always caring and loving towards everyone even her little brother who didn't deserve it.

When I was about 7 years old I had a collie pup which I named Lassie. During the night my pup got loose and was hit by a car. Throughout the night I lay there with my pup as it slowly died. The next morning after it was dead my sister put her arms around me and gave me a big hug and said I'm sorry your Lassie is gone. When Sherrie and Bruce were both little they learned how to ski. Marge and Albert took them up to Kelly Canyon to ski. Sherrie got fairly good and she taught Bruce the basics of skiing. As a small kid Sherrie and I were often farmed out for babysitting so Mom and Dad could work. One of the places we went to with Asa and Winifred's Baird house there in Idaho Falls. We explored the cellar, the old steamer trunk in the bedroom and we endured the severe whiskers that Asa love to rub on your cheeks.

Albert and Marjorie took Sherrie and Bruce on many families vacations. We spent a great many weekend at Dr. Harvey’s cabins. One in Palisades Idaho and the other one at Henry's Lake Idaho. They often had some ice cream cones at the Swan Valley commissary during those trips. During one such weekend at Dr. Harvey's cabin in Palisades slept in the same room. The moon was full that night and there was a breeze blowing. The result was that the shadow of a tree was on our bedroom window and it had an scaray shape and I imagined that someone was moving back and forth outside our window and was trying to get in. I was scared, I woke Sherrie up and showed her and she grabbed my hand and took me into the living room of the cabin and peered out the window and showed me that it was just a tree blowing in the wind. She then told me that I didn't have anything to be scared about that she had good hearing anyway and if someone were to ever try to get in and get us she would hear it and she would stop them. I had laid there in bed scared for a long time with my big sister. I would go to sleep many more times as we camped at the cabin but after that night I was never scared of the dark again because I knew Sherrie was watching over me with her good hearing.

There were also a bunch of trips to Yellowstone. Sherrie and Bruce were able to see Old Faithful and the wildlife of Yellowstone up close many times with elk, deer and bears off and running through the campgrounds. On our Yellowstone trips and many other trips as well Albert and Marjorie had the idea of giving the kids a daily present that we could earn by being good. If you are good one day you got the present from the brown paper bag. The next day the presents were picked out by us kids. Sherrie picked out mine with help from Dad and I picked out Sherrie's with help from Mom. Looking back I still think the Sherrie’s presents that she picked for me were way better than those I picked for her. Now you know that Sherrie picked out the pop gun that was used in Bruce's infamous bear hunt.

Sherrie had problems with Halloween. She was often sick as it was the usual beginning of the winter cold months of flu season. On Halloween when Sherrie was sick Bruce would take around two containers for treats and ask for one for his sister who is sick. The ward members and members of the community were usually happy to help Bruce. In later years it was just a routine for Mom Dad to send a get well card to Sherrie for Halloween or Christmas. In 1968 Mom and Dad decided that Sherrie would enjoy a piano and so they wanted it to be a surprise but they couldn't deliver it any other time than on Christmas Eve so they had to settle for that. Sherrie didn't know it was coming andn it was wise choice for Mom and Dad. Sherrie was self-motivated at practicing and she became very good. They still have that piano today and it sits in their home in Houston.

When we went to Disneyland one day we decided to go driving. Somehow we had an unexpected tour of the Long Beach Airport. Sherrie was helping dad by giving and reading the map directions. Mom was reading the street signs. Sherrie said we need to turn left at the next intersection. Dad only heard that we needed turn left so we did. The left-turn was through a gate that was open but it shouldn't have been. Sherrie’s directions led us down the Long Beach Airport runways. We drove past the planes lined up waiting for their turn to take off. The pilot's face’s showed a mixture of surprise and comedy. We could clearly see them sitting in the cockpit as we drove down the runway trying to get the heck out of there. The tower loudspeaker was blaring at that blue Plymouth to get off the runway. We came to a gate and dad went through it, anything to get it out of where we were. We finally found our way out and found where we needed to go.

One summer when Sherrie and I were just teenagers Mom and Dad decided to take a trip to Portland Oregon to visit family and friends up there. They had moved to just a small town outside of Portland. We decided we wanted to go to the Portland Zoo. Mom had a hard time with her ankles at the time and so we got a wheelchair. We went to the rose gardens in the shipyards and there Sherrie and I were taking turns pushing mom around in a wheelchair. Unfortunately Sherrie and I became interested in something else and the next thing we knew mom was going full speed down the ramp headed straight for the bear’s den. There was a small fence around a large spiked fence around it meant to keep in the bears. Fortunately we woke up and became awarae of what was happening and I ran towards Mom and grabbed the wheelchair just before she struck the wall. Mom and Dad teased us for years after that Sherrie and I tried to do mommy in by pushing her into the bear’s den.

When we were little kids and living in Ammon we had what was called the A&M festival. The young women were giving tickets to help sponsor the event and whoever sold the most tickets won the title of queen of Ammon Days. Sherrie came in runner up and she got to ride on the queen’s float but was called the princess. So Bill actually met and married a princess. She became his queen and he became her king and I know for a fact that they both treated each other such their whole lives.

Sherrie served in many Church callings was an active member of the church. She was the Laurel’s president and served in many positions in the young women's organization. Both Sherrie and I served as young missionaries in the ward missionary committee. While teenagers we also served on the Bishop’s council. When Sherrie began mutual my mom remarked that she was the one who helped you. Mom often commented that she knew Sherrie would be out of school and go on with her life and she didn't even need to think about if Sherrie was becoming a very responsible young woman. Mom never had to remind her to practice her piano or clean her room or pickup her clothes.

Mom and Dad took me down to the mission home in Salt Lake City to go in to serve my mission. That morning Sherrie and I said our goodbyes she told me that I was going to fry in Texas. I laughed and looked at her and told her by the time I got off my mission she would probably be married, have a child on the way and be living in Texas just because you said that. That very day Sherrie began cooking for a group of young men who lived in an apartment complex at Tanner 9. One of the young man who was returned missionary that happened to be in that apartment was Bill Arnold. Sherrie’s wonderful cooking and wonderful spirit won him over and the rest is history.

Words from Sherrie’s husband, Bill Arnold:

Sherrie was married to Bill Arnold on August 25, 1978 in the Idaho Falls Temple. Sherrie and Bill then moved to Provo, Utah where they continued their educations at Brigham Young University during their senior years. Sherrie majored in Consumer Economics. Sherrie and Bill moved to Baytown. Texas in May of 1979 where Bill was employed after graduation. Sherrie became a homemaker and soon became a mother to a daughter, Cathryn Ann. Cathryn struggled to eat and breathe, and Sherrie worked diligently to nourish and care for Cathy. After several months Cathy succumbed to her condition. Sherrie had great faith that she would see Cathy again.

Sherrie and Bill later moved to La Porte, Texas and welcomed a son, Richard William Arnold. Sherrie worked on the new house and made it a very comfortable home. Two years later she welcomed another son, Michael David Arnold. Sherrie enjoyed playing with and taking care of Rick and Mike. She was a bonafide soccer mom first with Rick and then later with Mike. Sherrie spent many hours serving as ward Relief Society president twice while living in La Porte. One of her skills was cooking the best meals ever. Every night Sherrie would carefully plan and execute meals such as chicken supreme, Swiss steak, enchiladas, and Griffin Goulash. The deserts were great also.

Bill was transferred by his employer and they packed up everything and moved to Bear, Delaware in 1987. Shortly after moving to Delaware Sherrie gave birth to another son, Stephen James Arnold. It was during this time that the entire family came down with the flu. Bill, Rick, Sherrie, and Stephen all ended up in the hospital with Sherrie having the hardest time. Sherrie ended up with pneumonia and was very ill. She finally made it out of the hospital after 23 days and regained her health. The next year, Sherrie gave birth to another son, Jeffrey Don Arnold.

The family packed up again in 1990 and moved to Victoria, Texas. Sherrie lived in Victoria for 15 years staying busy taking kids to school, scouts, soccer, band, baseball, and many other activities. She served as a volunteer and substitute librarian for the Victoria School District. She also served as Primary President and was known for her love and caring for the children at church. She also served as a high school band volunteer serving food at the football stadium concession stand. Sherrie attended many Scout Camp closing ceremonies and helped retrieve some rather interestingly smelly and tired boy scouts. One of her favorite activities was to set out luminarios (candles lit at night inside a white paper sack) along the neighborhood streets on Christmas Eve. When other families were out of town and could not set up their luminarios, Sherrie would happily volunteer herself and her somewhat reluctant family members to set up the extra bags and candles.

After 15 years in Victoria, the family packed up again and moved to Orange, Texas. Unfortunately Hurricane Rita made a direct hit on Orange two months after the move. Sherrie was very calm and very prepared. The family used the supplies that Sherrie had assembled, and safety evacuated to Livingston and then back to Victoria. After three weeks the family safely returned back to Orange. While in Orange Sherrie served as the Scout Committee Chairperson and again as Relief Society President, helping many families and youth. She was known as an honorary mom to many of the ward young men. Sherrie helped families recover from the five hurricanes that Orange endured while she lived there, even cleaning out muddy houses.

One more time a move was made to Tomball, Texas just outside of Houston in 2011. Sherrie again took an empty shell of a house and turned it into a warm and inviting place. While in Tomball Sherrie first became a grandmother. She was so excited the day Zelda was born. She also was excited for the births of her four other grandchildren, Riker, Destry, Evie, and Ellie.

Sherrie made infant and kids clothes and blankets and spent many hours making sure each item was as close to perfection as possible. She used an embroidery machine to make patterns and things the grandchildren would enjoy. One of her favorite activities was to go up north and visit Rick and Janae and family and Stephen and Heather and family. Sherrie deeply loved Mike and Jeff aand helped them with whatever was necessary. Sherrie served as a Temple Worker and was faithful in her service to the church, especially loved by the Primary children.

Last of all Sherrie was a wonderful wife. From our first date to our final goodbyes, I can truly say that I enjoyed each and every day with Sherrie. In her quiet and patient way she always knew what to say or do to make each day perfect in its own way. She will be missed and never forgotten.

A viewing will be held on Friday, September 3, 2021 at Wilks Funeral Home from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. A funeral service will follow starting at 10:30 AM at the funeral Home. Interment will be in Hillcrest Cemetery in Shelley, Idaho.

Memories and condolences may be shared with the family under the "Share a memory" section above.

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